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Surround Yourself with Blessings

Keeping God’s word close to your heart with items for you and your home

At Watermark, our mission is to offer personal, lifestyle and home goods that blend faith with fashion for an uplifting reminder of God’s love and goodness. So I wanted to expand on what that means and why we are so passionate about offering products that help you ‘surround yourself with blessings.’

1. God’s word is powerful

The bible says that the word is sharper than a two-edged sword. These are not just words on a page – these are the God-breathed words for our life. God’s word brings life and the power to transform any situation. I know first-hand because when I was going through a difficult season wrought with fear and uncertainty, I took the scriptures that I felt God was using to comfort and sustain me, wrote them out on post-it notes and taped them to my fridge and mirrors. Seeing those words in my face every day helped get me through some dark days and reminded me that God was with me.

I now want more opportunities to see, meditate on, and be encouraged by His word. When that verse on my wall, necklace or keychain once again catches my eye it makes me smile and sometimes it’s just what I need to shift my mindset from getting stuck in anxiety, loneliness, or the like.

We often say that positive people give off a ‘good energy’ and they can bring your mood up in a way. Well, there couldn’t be a more positive person than God himself so I defiantly want reminders to connect with Him and invite Him into my day!

2. We are surrounded by fear and temptations

Jesus said in this world there would be trials… and don’t we know it?! Any social media app is happy to serve you up an array of images and stories to make you fearful, angry, judgemental and tempted. So it’s no wonder that so many people struggle with anxiety, self-esteem and more. So again, we wanted to make it easier and more appealing to bring things into your space and wardrobe that represent faith, hope and love.

God also often chooses to speak to us through his Word – so why not have more opportunities for that around?! You can welcome His presence when you welcome His word into your day-to-day. Often God uses the little things to nudge our hearts in the right direction.

3. Create an opportunity to share the good news

Sharing my faith has never come easy to me. I’m usually more concerned with fitting in or making other people feel comfortable. So I personally love having apparel and personal items that are not only stylish but help me ‘wear my faith on my sleeve.’ If I happen to like the look of a shirt or necklace, and it always represents something that I hold so near to my heart then that’s a win-win. I love having a subtle way to show others what I stand for and find it can also be a good conversation starter too. You never know who God can put in your path and what He can use to help spark a conversation. 

4. Trusting the source

In today’s online shopping world, it’s sometimes difficult to know where and who your items are coming from. And looks can also be deceiving! I don’t want to admit the number of times I’ve fallen for that Instagram ad (or similar) with the super cute, trendy outfit. Only to find what shows up in the mail two weeks later, is tiny, falling apart and doesn’t fit anything like it did on that model in the photo!

That example may be an exception, but nonetheless, we thought people may appreciate knowing that all of our items are from Christian businesses or makers. Most are also women-owned businesses with ethically sourced and sustainably made products. So there is meaning and love behind every item. 

There is meaning in how we adorn ourselves and our environment. Even Paul, in Ephesians, talks about putting on the armour of God every day when we step out into this world

So our heart with Watermark is to offer items that are not only stylish and high quality, but also possess a deeper meaning, power and the presence of God. Items that could be the salt and light in a world that sometimes feels dark. We pray over all of our products and pray that everyone who receives them would be blessed in more ways than one!

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