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Send a Blessing this Mother’s Day

Gift ideas to pamper, encourage and bless the Mom in your life 

I’m in my 30’s and have a child of my own. Yet, in this season of life, I feel like I’ve needed my Mom more than ever – anyone with me?!

I’m so blessed to be a Mom. But there are no words to adequately describe how it is both the hardest job and the most amazing at the same time. When I think of the Mother’s I know in my life, I’m in awe. Mother’s go through so much and the tough stuff often starts before you even hold a baby in your arms.

You want to talk about fasting? Try no alcohol, sushi, cheese, caffeine, hot dos, etc. for 9 months when you’re pregnant. And somehow a tiny seed in your belly can wreak havoc on your body – nausea, headaches, mood swings, you name it. Then you have this child – a piece of your heart that you can’t wait to see grow up and yet at the same time you dread every piece of their youth that fades away over time. The privacy, independence and sleep that you once knew are distance memories. You stay up at night thinking about how you are going to shelter them from all the cruel and heartbreaking aspects of the world. 

But inevitably they do grow up and figure things out, hopefully becoming well rounded young adults. You think your job is done, but no! Oh no… it’s often just getting good. Now you have to hope you can still impart your wisdom and guidance on them from a distance. You have less influence over their life choices, but just as much heart in what they choose.  And then if they have children of their own – now you’re a Grandma. Open up your heart because your job description just expanded!

So I come back to this realization – Mother’s truly go through so much. We should show them love and appreciation EVERY day of the year, but thankfully we have one particular day on the calendar to tell them how special they truly are.

Here are some gift ideas for the Mothers in your life:

Mother’s Day Card

The perfect spot for your heartfelt words.

Courage Necklace

Remind them that they are strong and strong in the Lord with this simple and beautiful gold necklace.

She is Clothed with Strength and Dignity Print

A beautiful reminder for her office or bedroom of the woman that God created her to be.

Be Still Keychain

A great daily reminder that God is with them.

Mother-In-Law Card

Don’t forget about them too!

Bergamot and Vanilla Body Cream

Luxury in a jar. Mom will feel pampered with this thick hand/body cream that is super moisturizing and smells amazing!

Turkish Cotton Throw or Scarf

Help Mom style it up with this cute Turkish textile that can be used as a throw, towel or scarf!

Psalm 23 Journal or Notebook

Mom’s need their quiet time to pray and journal. This journal has a velvety texture and a beautiful verse on the cover.

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