4 Inch Hanging Planter Basket


This 4 Inch Hanging Planter Basket is the perfect addition to display that beautiful plant of yours! Made of 100% cotton clothesline, these plant hangers are a sturdy and minimal addition to your plant family.

Hanging planters are the perfect way to decorate the vertical area in your home taking advantage of unused space! ⁠Especially hen you run out of wall and floor space for your indoor greenery.

You can put your beautiful plant babies on full display and in direct sunlight! Makes a great gift for your plant loving friend or even as a housewarming gift.

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  • Hanging roughly 30″
  • Roughly 5-5.5″ wide to accommodate a 4″ greenhouse planter with room (so your 4″ pot has room to breath and is easily removable)
  • 4″ tall
  • Off-white cord sewn with white thread
  • Wooden ring for hanging
  • Due to the handmade nature no two baskets will be the same
  • Plants not included

Care Instructions

Make sure you always place a water catching tray in your basket when using it as a planter. Plastic/terracotta water catching trays can be purchased from your local plant store, or hardware store. A plastic lid or salad plate will also work!

If water or dirt does stain your basket, try spot cleaning first. If it needs further cleaning, the baskets are machine washable on a gentle/delicate cycle with cold water. Some shrinkage may occur, as the baskets are made of 100% cotton.

DO NOT place in a dryer, always reshape and air dry, so excess shrinking does not occur. Not recommended for outdoor use

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What are the Benefits of Hanging Planters?

  • Hanging planters can bring a sense of serenity and beauty to your environment
  • Improve overall air quality by filtering out pollutants
  • They are a convenient space saver when you don’t have much room on the floor for your plants
  • Plants can get more sunlight when hung near a window or in the lights path
  • Can fill an empty space or corner in your home
  • Adds a touch of greenery to your space or use as a flower pot
  • Great for use as a plant pots for ivy, herbs, philodendrons, string of hearts, string of pearls or any type of plant that drapes down

How do you Hang a 4 Inch Hanging Planter?

There are a few ways to hang your 4 inch basket planter in your home.

First is directly from the ceiling. It’s best to use a drywall anchor that you can screw your hook from so it is secure and can hold a heavy plant. Some drywall anchors you can screw straight into the wall, others you have to make a hole first and then push them in. There are a few different options of hook you can find at your local hardware store. Keep in mind, if you can’t find the colour you want you can always spray paint it before you screw it into the anchor.

The other option is to hang it off your wall. You can find wall hooks or brackets that get mounted on the wall. By using something like this is will allow your plant to hang and not be smushed up against the wall.

Do these Hanging Planters have a Drainage Hole?

No, these 4 inch hanging planters do not have a drainage hole. Because they are made from cotton rope, we recommend using a water catching tray in your basket before your insert your plant pots.



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