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What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are reeds that are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent and emit a pleasant aroma around your home. They disperse scent into the air naturally, and when the scent becomes faint, simply turn the reeds upside down. Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat. They disperse scent into the air naturally.

How To Use A Reed Diffuser:

  1. Choose a location: Choose a location for your reed diffuser where it will not be knocked over and where air can circulate around the reeds. A well-ventilated area is ideal.
  2. Open the bottle: Remove the cap from the bottle of fragrance oil and insert the reeds into the bottle. Allow the reeds to soak in the fragrance oil for at least 10-15 minutes.
  3. Flip the reeds: After 10-15 minutes, flip the reeds over so that the dry ends are now in the fragrance oil. This will help to saturate the reeds and distribute the fragrance more evenly.
  4. Enjoy the fragrance: The reeds will gradually absorb the fragrance oil and release it into the air. You can control the intensity of the fragrance by adding or removing reeds.
  5. Maintain the fragrance: To maintain the fragrance, flip the reeds every few days or as needed to keep the fragrance fresh. You can also replace the reeds after a few months or when they become saturated with the fragrance oil.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the long-lasting and constant fragrance of a reed diffuser in your home.

What are the Benefits of a Reed Diffuser?

  1. Constant Fragrance: Unlike candles or wax melts that require heat to release fragrance, reed diffusers offer a constant fragrance that fills the room without the need for heat or electricity.
  2. Low Maintenance: Reed diffusers require very little maintenance. Once the reeds are placed in the fragrance oil, they can last for months without needing to be changed or refilled.
  3. Safe: Reed diffusers are a safe alternative to candles, as they don’t require an open flame or electricity. They are a great option for households with children or pets. They are alcohol free, no flame, no aerosol, no power, no residue. Also are a better Option for Teens to Use in their Rooms as Opposed to a Burning Flame from a Candle
  4. Long-Lasting: Reed diffusers can last for months, making them a cost-effective option compared to other home fragrance products.
  5. Decorative: Reed diffusers come in a variety of designs and styles, making them a great addition to any room’s decor. They can be used as a decorative accent piece while also providing a pleasant fragrance.

Why Can’t I Smell My Reed Diffuser?

If you can’t smell your reed diffuser anymore, it’s time to flip your reeds. Pull them out and flip them and place them back in.

If you have turned your reeds over or have topped up your diffuser with a refill and the reeds are completely saturated, or if they are no longer diffusing/giving off scent, they may have become clogged with dust. Best thing to do is to replace them with new reeds to get the scent rolling again.