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Doxa Turkish Blanket – Beige/Black Stripe
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Home Decor Ideas and Trend Seeking

We find that home decor and interior design trends are heavily influenced by the specific room being decorated. For instance, trends for decorating your living room are distinct from those suitable for your kitchen, given their different functions.

For example, the kitchen requires prioritizing a degree of functionality when decorating.  Even though visual appeal is critical because of the high amount of time we spend in the kitchen, stuff still has to work.

Gone are the days however of ugly function…we can definitely have both ease of use and, “that looks pretty!”

Consider the Room You are Decorating.

Typically you will still want a common theme throughout the house, but when it comes to decor items, accessories, decor ideas, lighting and even rugs you want to navigate your decisions based on the room you are decorating.

As mentioned above each room requires a different mix of functionality and design.  At The Watermark Shop we have carefully curated items that fit both categories, some that intentionally increase the design and pretty part of the equation while not lowering any functionality.

We hope you enjoy these items and that they bring a little joy to your space and a new love for creating the home of your dreams.

Home Goods Calgary

We love our city, and Calgary has definitely become a place where home goods and home decor is important. Our desire for you with our products is

  • Transform your living space with stylish and functional home goods.
  • Upgrade your home with quality decor from Calgary’s premier home goods store
  • Discover a wide range of affordable, on-trend, and faith-filled home goods in Calgary to elevate your home decor game

Even though we are an online shop and ship items all over the world, we love our local area and the people in it.