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Kitchen Decor Trends 2023

Kitchen Decor Trends 2023

Interior design trends take different forms, depending upon the room that you are decorating. For instance, some of the trends for your living room are not the same as how you might decorate the kitchen, as these rooms have different uses!

The kitchen, especially, is a room where you must keep function in mind first when you are decorating. Of course, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so we still want it to look stunning, too.

Take a look below for a roundup of some of the kitchen design trends for 2023 as well as some popular kitchen items! 


We all love items in our kitchen to both be functional and look good too! Here are a few of what’s trending in kitchen decor in 2023.

Refillable Dispenser Bottles

When it comes to the kitchen, we want to choose decor items that are beautiful and fit the overall aesthetic but are still functional.

This is certainly not a space where we want to have any clutter!

Reusable glass dispenser bottles are a gorgeous way to store your liquid soap or lotion by the sink, making the kitchen seem just that more put together— rather than using a plastic bottle of Softsoap, for instance.

They are also eco-friendly, as you can have them refilled with the product at refilleries and do not have to buy soap in plastic bottles from the grocery store which makes them a practical choice!

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Hand and Dish Soap Dispenser Bottles - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Oil, Vinegar and Coffee Syrup Glass Bottle Dispenser

These are both practical and they look great sitting on your counter. They come in a set of 2 with a pack of 20 labels, so you can choose what you want to fill them with!

GIXSEGIE Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle with Bamboo Tray, w.Metal Pour Spout, Coffee Syrup Dispenser, Olive Oil Cruet Cooking Oil Dispenser for Kitchen
  • Perfect Oil Dispenser Set – Includes 2 pack 11.8oz (350ML) glass bottles, 2 pack Brass color weighted pourers, 2 pack collapsible silicone funnels, a bamboo tray, and 20 premium waterproof labels.
  • Thickened Food-grade Glass – These oil dispenser bottle is made of food-grade glass, avoiding plastic chemicals, and is safe for use with oil, vinegar, cooking wine, soy sauce, syrup, liquor, and seasonings. The clear glass surface is convenient to refillable all the time.

Kitchen Runner Rug

Kitchen runners are still a very big trend we’re seeing in 2023. They harmonize as a focal point of your decor space in your kitchen. There are so many beautiful design features you can find in a kitchen runner. We are loving this vintage inspired one from Loloi, it comes in multiple different lengths, perfect for all kitchen sizes.

Loloi Kitchen Runner Rug - Kitchen Decor Trends
Loloi II Loren Brick/Multi 2′-6″ x 7′-6″ Runner Rug
  • Designer Aesthetic: The stylish pieces from the Loren collection blend traditional, vintage, and modern design that exudes elegance.The collection infuses distressed boho textures with modern materials and colors for a Moroccan and Persian inspired style.
  • For Any Room: This low profile, soft, durable, and easy to clean rug is great of high traffic areas. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, dorm room, or hallway, and will elevate the look of any room.
  • Durable and Non-Shedding: Quality craftsmanship and materials creates texture, color, and overall beauty for years. Crafted for maintained durability and detail, these power loomed designs can’t be replicated by hand.
  • Loloi: Loloi, a family-owned business based in Dallas, is one of the top rug companies in the United States and is known for designing inventive products for meaningful spaces.
Washable Kitchen Runner Rug – 2×10 Hallway Rug Distressed Mats Non-Slip Soft Room Floor Carpet for Dining Room (Beige, 2 x 10)
  • STAIN RESISTANT – If your lovely pets peed on the washable area rug,The bright yellow urine just stay on the rug it won’t absorb into it or stain it,You could wipe up the liquid like you would on a wood floor
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM – The backing for the area rug is TPE non-slip bottom designed,Besides the softness the best part about living room area rug is that you don’t need those sticky pads underneath it because low pile area rug sticks to the floor by itself without moving around

Counter Trays and Soap Dispenser Trays

Trays are great for displaying items on your countertop like candles, plants or decor. You can also use them to store your salt and pepper shakers and spices on. They also work well to hold your soap dispenser bottles and keep everything organized. Displaying natural materials like natural wood on your counter top is a kitchen trend for 2023.

Kitchen Decor Trends Trays - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Utensil Holder and Flower Vase

This charming modern utensil holder is perfect for holding your cooking tools and can double as a beautiful stoneware flower vase. The neutral colour works beautifully with all types of decor.

Click on the image to see it on Amazon.

Modern Utensil Holder - Kitchen Decor Trends
Now Designs Terrain Sandstone Utensil Crock, Natural
  • UTENSIL CROCK: This charming utensil holder is perfect for keeping your favorite cooking tools on hand when you need them. The modern design will complement a variety of kitchen décor styles
  • PERFECT SIZE: This durable utensil caddy is large enough to hold a variety of your kitchen tools, from spatula sets to BBQ accessories, freeing up valuable room in your drawers. Measures 6 in. tall with a 5 in. diameter
  • VERSATILE: not only used to store kitchenware, use it as a vessel to cool wine, a vase for your flowers or a pot for your plants
Getstar Large Kitchen Utensil Holder for Kitchen Counter (H7.2” x W6.2”), Ceramic Cooking Utensil Holder with Cork Mat, Kitchen Decor (White, Utensils Not Included)
  • [Elegant Kitchen Utensil Holder] Designed with ridged texture, this utensil holder looks just modern & elegant standing on your kitchen counter, fits into your kitchen well
  • [Large Utensil Holder] With a 6.2” width and 7.2” height hence enough space for storage, 10 to 15 pieces of common utensils can easily go into it, make utensils organized and easy to find, give you a neat and tidy kitchen
  • [Cork Mat at the Bottom] A non-slip cork mat attached at the bottom, protects your kitchen surfaces from scratch, prevents slipping, avoids noise caused by friction

Hand Towels

People are moving away from their old ratty hand towels and moving towards Turkish cotton hand towels. They are absorbent and dry much faster and will not leave that dirty wet towel smell that we all dread.

Kitchen Decor Trends Hand Towels - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)


Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchens has been a popular trend in recent years. Open shelving refers to a kitchen design where there are no upper cabinets, and instead, dishes, cookware, and other kitchen items are stored on open shelves mounted on the wall. In the design world trend has become popular because it can make a kitchen feel more open and spacious, and it can also allow homeowners to showcase their favourite dishes, cookware and decor.

Additionally, open shelving can be a more affordable option than traditional kitchen cabinets, and it can be easier to access items on the shelves. However, it is important to note that open shelving does require more frequent cleaning and can be less practical for some homeowners who prefer more storage options.

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Open Shelving - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Traditional Style Items

When we say traditional style items, we are talking vintage or pre-loved items! We are seeing a shift back to more rustic or cottage-type decor, so rather than a slick, shiny tabletop or piece of furniture, many homeowners are opting for pieces that look like they have been in the home for generations.

These could be vintage-inspired pieces or pieces that truly were found at a vintage or thrift shop!

Finding ways to honour old items, even in small doses such as a hand-carved wooden fruit bowl, is important in 2023.

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Vintage Items - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Warm Colours

Colour is an easy way to update a space, such as your kitchen. You do not even have to repaint the kitchen walls if you do not want to— you can also opt to incorporate pops of the trending colour in decor items or hung artwork, or include in your cabinet doors instead. For 2023, we are seeing the resurgence of warm and off-white as well as beige tones for interior design.

White will not go away entirely, but it is time for a change! Pops of colour and the warm tones mentioned previously are leading the charge this year.

We will also see warm-toned wood cabinetry and saturated colours in both upper cabinets and base cabinets in the coming year. 

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Warm Tones - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Lighting as Works of Art

A current trend and must have when it comes to kitchen design is lighting. Light fixtures are no longer just for lighting, they are an element that inspires the rest of the room design and creates a beautiful visual interest and can also add drama to the living space. We’re seeing bold designs and more lighting fixtures that look like beautiful hanging art.

A good place to install lighting is above the kitchen island, which is generally centre of the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen design, natural light is also something that will continue to be on trend.

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Lighting - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px) (1)


Minimalistic kitchens with clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal clutter have been on-trend for several years and may continue to be popular in 2023. Minimalism can be achieved by incorporating sleek and modern materials, such as stainless steel, concrete, or marble, and keeping decorative elements to a minimum.

Smart Technology

Smart technology: Smart kitchen technology has been on the rise in recent years and may continue to be popular in 2023. From touchless faucets to smart refrigerators, the incorporation of technology can make cooking and cleaning more convenient and efficient.

Kitchen Decor Trends Kitchen Smart Technology - The Watermark Shop (800 × 475 px)

Bold Artwork

The kitchen artwork we are seeing for 2023 ascribes to the belief that less is more. We are seeing one or two pieces of artwork placed in the kitchen so that they do not make the space look too cluttered, and also have the maximum impact.

When choosing artwork, look for a few pieces that are bold and can stand on their own.

You do not want to get the mass-produced artwork you can find in most home goods stores— rather, search for something unique that shows personality! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the kitchen trends for 2023?

There are plenty of design kitchen trends that are emerging for 2023 or carrying over from the past year into the new year as well.

When it comes to kitchens, we are going to see homeowners incorporating warmer colours and pops of colour for a bolder look that has more personality than in years past!

Including statement lighting and removing wall cabinets for a more open space to display your kitchen items is becoming more popular for 2023.

The grey farmhouse traditional kitchens and monochromatic, clean Scandinavian-inspired kitchens that were so popular in the past are starting to wane. That being said, white will still be a popular colour choice for kitchens in 2023, too, as it is a classic choice that can match any aesthetic. 

Ultimately, the colour you choose for your kitchen walls and kitchen design and decor should reflect your personal style and create the atmosphere you want in your cooking space.

What are the kitchen colours for 2023?

Kitchens in past years largely stuck to neutral colours, especially greys or whites. Often, these kitchens were monochromatic, meaning they were decorated in all the same colours.

This was usually white on white, with white walls, white cabinets, and white countertops, too.

However, for 2023, this white-on-white look is phasing out, and will even end up looking dated in the next few years or so as trends change.

White is not going away entirely and will still be a kitchen colour used in 2023, but it is being edged out in popularity by earth tones and warmer colour tones. Bold pops of colour will also be seen in some kitchens as accents to add more flair and give the kitchen space an eclectic vibe. 

What is the interior designer decorating trends for 2023?

Design trends come and go in the world of interior decorating and design, and if you do not want to entirely redesign your space, you can incorporate the new trends in subtler ways, such as by switching out some of your smaller decor items.

You can also pick and choose what trends you like and use those in your space— you do not have to incorporate all of them!

In 2023, some of the decorating trends that we are beginning to see are bold colours, influences from the 1960s and 1970s, natural stone surfaces, and mixed metals.

After many years of open plan spaces, closed floor living plans are beginning to become more popular again, too. 

What Colour is replacing GREY?

If you have been inside any home or apartment that has been built or decorated in recent years, you can’t have missed the reliance on the colour grey or other neutrals by builders and designers alike. Yes, as a neutral, grey is a great backdrop for many other colours as well as styles of decor.

However, after being used so much, it has become a bit boring. We are finally starting to move away from grey in interiors— though we will not see it gone entirely— and are starting to see new colours become more popular and replace grey.

The neutral that is replacing grey is beige, but we are also seeing more warm tones incorporated into interior design, too. 

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