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In-home decor, we are moving away from the stark neutrals and extreme minimalism of the past few years, and moving towards trends that are warmer, more natural, and express more personality. We’ve rounded up a few of the new trends and details emerging in the home decorating world.

Emerging Home Decor Trends

While some home decor trends stick around for years, some micro trends barely last a season. A few of the trends with more longevity include 1970s inspired decor, spiritual spaces, and “green” interiors. 

70’s Retro Style

One of the trends that is re-emerging in home decor is the 70’s retro look. This time around, however, it is a bit more subtle than it was in the 1970s. The trend is also being merged with components of other design trends to create a more unique look. The shapes of the 1970s furniture are returning, so another way to modernize this look is to reupholster a vintage couch with colours or patterns more to your liking. Colours such as burnt oranges, deep moss greens, and warm neutrals are all subtle ways to bring back the 70s trend as well.

Spiritual Style Interiors

Spiritual interiors that cultivate a relaxing, spa-like experience are becoming big in the home, especially when it comes to bathroom spaces. This decor is the reflection of a clear, de-cluttered mind, and also inspires calm and a connection with God.

Spiritual interiors focus on the belief and approach that “less is more”. Design elements reminiscent of this kind of space are clean lines, floating surfaces, and finishes such as light wood and glass. Fixtures such as a soaking tub can also fit into this category.

The look is typically completed with art that reminds you of your favourite bible verse, spiritual thought, or inspiration. The space allows you to disconnect from the tasks of life and enjoy not only a peaceful moment but also a spiritual recharge.

“Green” Interiors

Sustainability is a big buzzword these days, and now in home decor, many are bringing nature indoors. Nature-inspired artwork and textures are one way to do this, but another, newer way to do this is to bring authentic plant life into the home.

It is also important to note that every room in your house is open as an option for plants. From the master bedroom to the basement office, you can find lots of spots for all kinds of different plants.

Plants complement the light, natural woods that are currently trending, and also increase your physical, spiritual and mental health. The plants you choose should depend on where they will be placed in the house and how much time you expect to spend on them.

Plants such as snake plants are low-maintenance and do not need a lot of sunlight, so they are great for many different locations in your home.

Home Decor Details

Often it’s the small touches that really complete a room. Many different details contribute to trends, and the popularity of such details rises and falls just like the popularity of larger trends. 


It wasn’t long ago that decorators or homeowners would cringe at the thought of wallpaper. Now, however, wallpaper is making a comeback. It is now easier to apply wallpaper– and removes it!– because it comes in new applications such as peel and stick and can also be repositioned. Wallpaper is a great way to infuse personality into space by implementing patterns, artwork, or splashy colour. It is also a more inexpensive way to change up your space and give it a facelift, instead of buying an expensive artwork, for example. Wallpaper is usually used now when you want to make a statement or have an accent wall.

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Different materials come and go as tastes and styles change. One of the materials becoming more popular is rattan, as well as other natural fibres such as cane. This lends itself well to the spiritual interiors trend, in addition to the trend of green spaces– rattan looks great as a backdrop for green foliage! Rattan became more popular when the sustainability movement gained traction but is now being seen more and more in stores and homes. Rattan was also used in 1970s decor, which makes sense because the 70s style decor is coming back, too!

Rounded Edges

Furniture with soft curves instead of corners comes in different styles– it can be comfy and chubby looking, or exaggerated and cartoonish. This forgiving, cozy furniture trend emerged before the pandemic and has thrived with people working from home. Curvy furniture with rounded edges is more inviting for guests as well. Rounded edge furniture is more feminine and can complement more angular furniture well; it can also be upholstered in many different colours and finishes, from velvet to leather.

Tips When Shopping for Home Decor

Once you’ve decided how you want to design and decorate your space, you will have a particular look in mind. The next step is to buy your furniture, materials– such as wallpaper or tile– and your accent decor. If you play your cards right, you can get the best pieces to fit your space as well as save some money in your budget.

Retro or Vintage Furniture

The first instinct for many when it comes to shopping for furniture is to go to the local furniture store or to shop online from a furniture chain. However, buying new is much pricier than it is if you purchase used furniture. Luckily, this also lends itself to some of home decor’s emerging trends. For example, the 70’s retro style is coming back, so finding some vintage pieces– even if you have to clean them up a little– is a cost-effective way to shop for new pieces. Plus, it ensures that you will have a piece of furniture that few others have! 

Try visiting local antique fairs, antique stores, or attending an estate sale. You may not find exactly what you’re looking for on your first visit to these locations, so patience and persistence are key here.

Choosing Plants

Plants have specific needs. If you choose them strictly based on their aesthetic, you risk overlooking important requirements such as climate or light. If this is the case, you will end up with unhealthy plants– a surefire way to ruin the look of your interior. Be sure to research the plants that you are drawn to in order to see if they will thrive in your space. If you have a pet, you will also want to check that the plants are not toxic to your companion. 

For those who are drawn to the look of some of these toxic plants, or don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants are a perfectly good option. Artificial plants now look very realistic– your guests likely won’t even know the difference! Below is a great example of a real and fake plant side by side!

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Plants featured in our 4 Inch Hanging Planter and our 6 Inch Hanging Planter
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