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Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

When you think about it, our bedrooms are a place where we spend a lot of time and take care of some important business (no, not just that business!).

According to an article by the Huffington Post on how we spend our lives, a huge chunk of our time on this Earth is spent sleeping or trying to fall asleep. This visual of ‘your life in a jar’ (based on the average lifespan of just under 80 years old) from their article really makes the point:

Wow – 33 years in bed! And not so surprisingly, 7 of those are us just TRYING to fall asleep. I know many people who suffer from anxiety or restlessness at night. I’ve had my fair share of nights tossing and turning. There are few things crumbier then waking up in the morning after a night where it felt like you barely slept at all. 

So not only do our bedrooms serve as a place where we spend nearly ⅓ of our lives focused on sleep, but we often use it for many other important aspects of life – prayer, reading (which often equates to personal growth with all the self-help and spiritual books we tend to enjoy), connecting with our spouse, and just generally disconnecting with the stresses of life.

So let’s talk about 3 simple tweaks to make your room look and feel like a comfortable, peaceful place to rest and recharge. 

Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

Your Bed

  • King Size – okay, maybe not the most important but I had to start with it because I loooove my king size bed. I don’t know a person who has regretted upgrading to king size. If you have the finances or space to do it – so worth it. You can never have too much bed.
  • Sheets – I’ve been suckered into buying sheets at trade shows before that ‘feel so soft’ but they are actually garbage. Don’t be fooled. 100% cotton is best in my opinion and you can really break the bank on sheets (especially for that king size bed 🙂 ) but I’ve found Ikea actually has great sheets. Yes, they are a bit stiff, but I also kind of like that. Has that hotel crisp-sheets feel. Whatever you prefer is fine but I find having sheets you really like is worth it.
  • Pillows – stop and think about how long you’ve been using your pillow for. Is your current pillow still giving you the support you need and/or is it suited for how you tend to sleep? Nowadays there are a lot of unique pillow materials (i.e. memory foam) and designs based on how you sleep (i.e. back, side, stomach).
Board and Batten Bedroom Wall The Watermark Shop Blog
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Create a Peaceful Bedroom by Welcoming Peaceful Thoughts and Feeling

  • Art and Photos – Are there people and places in this world that make your heart smile or give you peace? Consider adding those images as art in your bedroom.
  • Peaceful Scriptures – seeing uplifting words or verses every day can have an indirect effect on your thinking and emotions. Encourage yourself with words of God’s love every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep

Indulge your Senses

  • Colours – Designers know how to pick colours carefully to create a mood or response when you walk in a room. Think about your bedroom the same way. Apparently, most people feel calm around pastels and neutral shades. Blues, greens and yellows are said to get us in the mood for relaxing.
  • Scents – many scents, such as Lavender and eucalyptus to name a few, are said to have a calming effect on your body, reduce stress and help your body calm down for sleep. Consider a room diffuser or pillow mist that you can spray before bed to get your body feeling sleepy. A rich hand cream or body lotion can be another way to wrap your body in sleep-inducing scents, or try a natural scented candle that also brings calmness with the soft warm light it reflects.

One of my favorite local Calgary brands, The Lewiston Label, has an awesome new half-zip sweatshirt with the words, ‘Show Up. Do the Hard Work. Stay Consistent.’ I think this sums up how many of us want to approach every day!  So let’s make sure that our time to sleep, relax and recharge is the best it can be, so we can be at our best every day!

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