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Board and Batten Bedroom Wall Tutorial (A DIY Master Upgrade) Watermark Shop Blog

Board and Batten Bedroom Wall Tutorial (A DIY Master Upgrade)

Of all the areas in your home, your bedroom should be the room where you feel the most at home. It should make you feel comfortable, cozy and relaxed.

I wanted to make our master suite to be a space where my spouse and I would be able to connect and decompress from the stress of the day. A space where we felt at peace and comfortable.  Currently it felt cramped, and it was a little too feminine with all of the pink tones – we just didn’t love it.

Before Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop

See what I mean? This is the before photo of our master bedroom.

Pinterest is a great place to start digging for ideas. I came across some great before and afters of amazing board and batten wall transformations. I loved how the accent wall made these rooms look so polished and put together, but ultimately I think it was the dimension on the walls that drew me in most, I loved how it gave so much life to a boring plain wall.

Board and Batten Bedroom Wall Tutorial- The Best DIY Upgrade


I noticed I was saving a lot of images with green tones and after Lucas’s approval that was the direction we decided to go in. 

I’ll admit, I was scared. I am a ‘white walls and white, white kitchen’ kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong- I love colour. But I was afraid this change would make our small room look dark and dungeon-like. “It’s just paint,” Lucas kept telling me, “you know we can always just paint over it if we hate it”. I totally needed to hear that as it made me feel so much better and confident in our decision. For some strange reason, I was always afraid to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a simple photo just in case I put it in the wrong spot. But hey, we’re on lockdown so I had all the time in the world even if this plan totally backfired.


Alright, let’s dive into this DIY! Before you head out to pick up your supplies, here’s what you need to do first!

  • Determine the design of your board and batten accent wall, how many panels do you want going vertically and horizontally across the wall, you will need to measure your wall to make sure that your pattern runs evenly across the wall and does not cover any electrical outlets. Otherwise you may have to cut around them. This will help you determine the amount of batten to buy. 
  • How much spacing do you want in between each of your batten? This will also determine the amount of board you will need to buy.
  • How wide do you want your batten to be? Some people prefer a more narrow batten and some prefer a wider batten. We wanted the vertical boards and horizontal boards to be narrow.
  • Have a few paint colours in mind. I recommend getting some samples first especially if you are unsure about the colour and want to test some out.


Here’s a list of supplies that you will need to start your board and batten wall project.

  • Batten – we chose MDF for this instead of hardwood, this saved us some money
  • Boards – we chose not to use boards for a couple reasons, our walls were lightly textured and we felt that the batten looked fine without the boards, we also wanted to save time and money
  • Wood Filler or Spackle
  • Nail Gun
  • Saw / Mitre Saw
  • Paintable Dap Caulking
  • Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint


We decided that 6 sections for the pattern was the perfect amount for our board and batten wall. We used painters tape to mark out where the batten would go on the wall. We made sure that the batten wouldn’t run into any of the outlets on the wall. It’s ok if it does, you would just have to cut the batten to fit around the outlet, so just another step we tried to avoid.

We ended up trying a few paint samples out that we got from Home Depot for $5 each and it was worth it! You’ll see my paint examples below!

Before Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop 3
Before Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop 2

We used ½ ” thick by 2 ½” wide MDF instead of hardwood for the batten. It saved us some money, plus we wanted the thickness to be around ½” and could easily find that option by using MDF. Once our pieces were cut to size it was time for them to go up! We used a nail gun to secure each piece.

At first, we chose to go with just vertical boards as seen in the first picture above, but we changed our minds and added one horizontal board across. It was definitely the right choice, we love it so much more than without. You can add more horizontal boards for a different look, there are so many options to when building your board and batten accent wall.

To prep for the painting, we used wood filler over the nail holes and over any imperfections on the drywall’s surface. You can use either wood filler or spackle for this. Once it has dried, you can sand it down so that it is flush with the wood.

We then put caulking on the seems between the baseboards and the walls. You really don’t require a lot of caulking, just a small bead around the seams goes a long way. Then smooth over it with your finger.

Now the moment of truth – the paint. I was still nervous at this point, but after the first stroke of paint, I was sold, and I was in love! We chose BEHR paint and the colour is called Boreal from Home Depot.

Before Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop 4


Seriously what a transformation! It’s crazy what a few pieces of wood and paint can do to create such a beautiful accent wall! The batten wall made our room look so much bigger and everyone who has seen our room in person has made the same comment! We even got rid of our queen bed and added a king and still the space looked bigger.

The room feels so open now, and installing a wall treatment is great for re-sale value, especially if your master bedroom is a little on the smaller side, the vertical and horizontal lines from the batten wall really opened the space up. I now want to install board and batten accent walls all over the house!

After Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop 4
After Photo Bedroom DIY Board and Batton Upgrade The Watermark Shop 4 (2)
Afer Photo Board and Batten Blog Post The Watermark Shop

And that’s it! I hope this encourages you to take a stab at a board and batten accent wall DIY project yourself!

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THE PRODUCTS – used for Board and Batten wall and to style the finished master bedroom

If you’re interested in some of the products and decor in our room, here’s a few links for your viewing pleasure!

Wall Sconces – I purchased our wall sconces from Amazon. We wanted sconces that didn’t require wiring, so we chose this one that had a cover that went over the wire down the wall. I wanted the gold to be a little bit more brassy so I ended up spray painting them to tone down the yellow. They turned out exactly the way I wanted them to! I used Rustoleum spray paint in satin bronze.

Hanging Planter Basket – these are from our online shop, Watermark! The one pictured is the 8″ Hanging Planter Basket. It also comes in a 4″ and 6″ linked below.

Turkish Throw Blanket – this blanket is from Watermark

Woven Embroidered Pillow Cover – the pillow featured in the basket and the right side of the bed are from Watermark

Night Stands – are from West Elm, called the Midcentury Nightstand

Bedframe – I purchased the frame from Wayfair, it’s called the Platt Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed

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  1. Erika Hull

    Hello! Love the colour of this wall! is it boreal forest by Benjamin Moore? I can’t seem to find just a boreal. Thanks!

    1. Hi Erika! So happy you like the colour, I love it every time I look at it. So, you caught my mistake, thank you! The paint was actually BEHR – not Benjamin Moore! The colour is still Boreal. 🙂

  2. Hi, and where is the rug from? Thanks!

    1. Jenn Duxbury

      The rug is from Homesense

  3. Marisol Rivera

    How far apart did you space your batten?

    1. Jenn Duxbury

      The batten is spaced out 21 inches.

  4. Can you tell me what kind of dresser you did? I am having the hardest time deciding on what kind of dresser to do since my bedside tables are white ( very similar to the ones pictured), and I am doing your exact wall, I couldn’t help myself, it was so gorgeous!!!

    1. Jenn Duxbury

      I actually just have a white dresser also. It doesn’t match the nightstands as I don’t love the look of matching furniture, but it seems to work out well in my space! I’m so excited you are doing the same feature wall. I fall in love with my wall every time I see it! Tag @thewatermarkshop when you are done, I would love to see the finished product! 🙂

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